Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Camp Corns Weekend

The first weekend in October Aneta and I made a road trip down to Indian Cave State Park in South East Nebraska. I always heard they had a great trail system and the rumors where right. We covered 8 miles of trail and didn't see half the trails. I was really impressed with the elevation gains and variety of scenery.

The following week I made last minutes plans to throw the tent and sleeping bag in the car and went back for two-day trail run.

Let's just call it CampCorns. So there was no entry fee to sign up for CampCorns, and as you can see there where no shirts given out. The attendance this year (at CampCorns) was 100%, but then again I was the only one invited.

The first day.... Saturday, I rolled into Indian Cave and set up camp. That took longer than I hoped so my first day of running was short. Maybe a ten mile run followed up by camp fire meal and a cooler full of beer. The weather was perfect. A cool evening, no bugs and no phones.

Day two was great. I got up early and had a quick backpackers breakfast. I filled up the camelback with H2O and hit the trails for a nice fifteen mile run. Indian Cave had a horse race that morning so I shared the trail with hand full of horseback riders. They were bigger so they had the right of way, plus they were faster, but then again if you've seen me run, that ain't saying much. The trails had some amazing hills with incredible views of the Missouri River, some deep valleys and you could run for 25+ miles without seeing the same trail twice.

After the run I went back to camp. Fried up some eggs and sausage and held the awards ceremony. CampCorns trailrunning series fell on hard times this year with the poor economy so there where no buckles awarded. Maybe next year.

Below.....I added a link to a short film of David Goggins, the US Seal Team member/Ultra runner. Most of the footage was shot at the 2008 McNaughton Park 100/150 mile ultra. I was running the 100 mile distance and the only time I got to see David he pasted me when I was on mile 25. He passed me like I wasn't moving and he already completed 125 miles. It's a great video. When you click on the link there are several video's. Use the tool bar to scroll over to "The Long Run". Enjoy!