Thursday, August 23, 2007

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Well there is no other way to say it other than.


I'm leaving today at 12pm and spending a night in North Platte Nebraska (half way point) I've been planning this race for two years and the time has finally come. Fail or finish proudly. Who knows what the outcome will be, but I'll take whatever the trail-gods throw at me. I've said one thing; I'm going down, not to ....start a race..........but to finish one. So that's all one could hope for, just a finish. I'll take it. Like I said before this is a 100 mile ultra marathon called the I've done half the distance in the past, but this will be double. Now I've trained hard. I've put my heart into this race but the outcome is still unknown. .....There is only one thing for sure. I'm planning to have fun. So wish me luck, I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I'll see you all on the flip side.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Now that I'm into my second week
of a two week taper and my first 100
mile Ultra is less than a week away
I'm finding myself in a Nesting period.
I've gone from running 65-85 mile weeks and now I'm just doing nice relaxing fun runs. Nothing over 10 miles. So whats a boy do with his extra time. Well instead of banging out miles on the trail. The grass is getting mowed. I'm organizing closets and spending more time with Aneta which is good for me but I'm sure she is ready to kick me out. In fact she keeps asking me if I'm going to go for a run? Well I can take a hint. I spent an entire day packing my drop bags for the race. That proved to be a challenge. I had to ask myself, what do you need on the trail? where and what time? So I had to look ahead and take a guess. I will be able to drop a bag off at mile 16, mile 24, mile 35 and mile 50 so that means I will be able to visit those bags on the way back home on miles 64, 76 and 83. So how does one know where he might be, and when? If the sun is going down and you might want to get a flashlight from your needs bag and who knows if you are going to be on mile 60 or 80. More important. "WHERES MY TOILET PAPER"?

So what should a bratha take?.......That's tough so take it all. I'm pack'in aspirin, salt pills, power bar, towels, safety pins, shot blocks, gel pack, water, energy drink, Gatorade, chicken soap, nanners, PBJ sandwich, fuel belt, foot care products, duck tape, knife, body glide, gloves and warm cloths, rain gear, MP3 player, head lamp, camera, maps, predicted split times, cab fare (kidding) extra shoes, socks, sunscreen, bug spray, liquid band aid extra hats, bandannas and bunwipe.

Plus I will have a choice of food and gear that will travel in the crew car too. My crew chief plans to strap Fosters to the bumper of the car and drive ahead of me for motivation. That might work.

Well if I'm going to spend two

weeks Nesting, then I'm going

to take some time and carbload.

I've always heard it's a good idea and who am I to argue.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Well I guess the time is coming near. One
Week from today (Saturday) I will be 4 hours
into my first attempt of my first 100 mile Ulta.

The Lean Horse Ultra Marathon starts Saturday August 25Th at 6:00am from Hot Springs South Dakota and leads 140 runners down the Mickelson Trail to Hill City SD and back. Like I said before, this is my first attempt at the 100 mile distance. It's double the distance of my previous Ultra. The Lean Horse claims this is the easiest 100 mile race with limited elevation changes, crushed lime stone surface and no technical areas on this race course. The toughest part about this race is the distance and time on your feet. That's why I chose this race. I need all the help I can get.

Thursday August 23rd we travel from Omaha to North Platte to overnight. This is the halfway point. We'll drop off the dog and spend time with the parents.

Friday we'll leave North Platte and arrive in Hot Springs at 12:00pm to check into the hotel.

Participants and Crew check-in at 3:00pm.

3:30pm Final race briefing and medical check.

5:30pm to 9:30pm. The last supper. Participant and crew meal at the Flat Iron Grill.

9:31pm SLEEP!

Saturday August 25Th 5:00am race check-in.

6:00am Start of the race and run towards a buckle.

6:01am Wonder "what the "%*&#" I just got myself into.

Sunday August 26Th 8:00am I hope to be somewhere near the Finish Line.

Sunday August 26Th 12:00pm race course closes.

1:00pm Celebration Feast and awards ceremony.

1:01pm BEER and more BEER.

I thinks it's important to pick the right crew. This last week
Aneta (Crew Chief) has been giving me the royal treatment.
How lucky am I. A crew that gives nightly foot rub-downs.

I really don't know what I did to deserve this but you know
what they say. "When in Rome"

I think I'll just go with it.

Aneta plans to crew me by car during the race. The Lean Horse allows pacers during the final 50 miles of the race or a crew to meet you at various aid stations during the race.

I plan to have special needs drop bags at six different aid stations during the race and Aneta will drive ahead and meet up with me during the race for added support and anything else that I might need that might not fit in each drop bag.

Like I said it's important to pick the right crew.

Benefits, Benefits and more Benefits ...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Myspace Codes & Myspace CodeWell my next and last race for this year will be the Ultra 100 Mile Marathon. I've been asked what kind of training is required for this race and I've found one of Chris Farley's Ultra Fit workout video's and I tell ya what. I really think it's paying off. It comes with black stripper pants, white cuffs and a sweat obsorbing neck tie for those really long workout sessions. He also recommends a plate of wings and a pitcher of bud "chaser" to get the full benifit of this workout.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

This is my Lil buddy Roper. I lost him to old age last May. He past at age 11. He was a good 'ol turd. His falsify in life was ..........If you can't eat it or screw it then Piss on it and walk away.

This is Hank and Roper my two boys. They have saved my life by being the best two companions anyone could ask for.

I would like everyone to meet my family. First and most important. This is Aneta my girlfriend. She is a little spunky gal from Poland. She came here when she was 13 and we met about two years ago. I ordered her off the Internet for $40.95, it helps when you got a coupon from price choppers for 50% off. Just kidding we met at our previous job and hit it off ever sense then. I swear she has saved my sanity and I don't know how because she's as crazy as they get.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This is my Sugar Mama Aneta!

First Posting From TeamYeti

This is my first post so wish me luck