Thursday, July 3, 2008

Two Questions

Answer to Question Number One: Well I guess they do shit in the woods. But then again, so does Blink. Good now I can move on.

Answer to Question Number Two:
Hell ya Kansas is hot. Which worries me just a little. July 5Th I'm going to venture down to Kansas City Kansas to run in the Summer Phyco Wyco 50K trail run . Most race's have a claim to fame, or a certain known level of difficulty that makes thier race unique. Western States has quad crunching down hills, H.U.R.T. has technical roots, rocks, mud. Hard Rock has elevation gain/loss. Well you get the point. Summer Phyco has Kansas heat and humidity. It's only been a few months sense my last rant when I was bitching about the cold. So it doesn't seem right that I squawk about the heat.......But as luck would have it, KC is only calling for temp of 86 degree's, with 70% humidity.

How lucky am I. Good weather, time off away from work. I get to go run in a lil' trail Ultra and finish up with beers and fireworks.

I hope everyone has a great 4Th. I would tell you "Please Drink Responsively" but I know you all better than that. Have fun and be er responsible!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Olympic Trials

Yesterday we had an opportunity to watch the Olympic Swim Trials. It really was a great show. First, the athletes were the best part. A few world records were set. Mark Phelps was there and in top form. Then the event itself was fun. It wasn't your typical swim meet like what we had back in high school. There were lights. The was loud-ass music. It was almost a concert setting. If you ever get a chance to go in the future. I highly recommend it.

Happy 4th kids.