Friday, April 4, 2008

Mud Fest 2008

Yes I was at the back of the pack on this race. Not a strong finish. The only thing that I can say in my defence there were 35 runners that dropped from the race because the trail conditions was so bad. Believe me, I thought about it at one point too, but my ride wasn't at the race so there wasn't anything else to do but wait, so I thought.....I might as well be running. The last lap was un-runnable, it was a wading pool of mud that added weight to my feet. Mile 25 (or so) the dash board lights turned on the the wheels feel off, and I was walking. But talk about fun. It was a blast.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The First Coeurd'Alen Challenge

Well I'm finding there are more challenges to completing an Iron Man than JUST physical challenges. Recently I've been displaced from my job. (Or as they would say south of the boarder). Juno....I lost my Yob Mang! So most likely that will effect my goal of attending the Iron Man in Coeurd'Alene and that SUCKS! I mean that sucks "BIGTIME" I'm only guessing my next employer will not be open to giving me a week and a half off in June, so I had to come to the realisation that I won't be able to make the trip to Idaho. For those who are signed up for an Iron Man this year.....think about that.....How hard would it be for YOU to back out at this point. We've all committed. We've all past the point of no return.

First there is the financial investment of $500 one year in advance. Hell I don't even know what what I'm going to eat for lunch today, and IM wants me to plan one year in advance to compete in their race then lay down five hundy.

Second I know we've all laced up our shoes and ventured out into the snow and shitty weather because "we had to". A run could wait for another nice day but you know if you don't bang out some serious miles you may not see the finish line. So we take an enjoyable thing like running and turn it into a chore. And that pool, face down in cold water ingesting chlorine for hours. It's not always the funnest thing to do.

Now that you are vested financially AND physically, then have to "bow out". For me, the toughest part was just saying it.....ok....."I'm out" I hesitated and Studdard but I did have to say it................I'm out..................Ouch!.

Now IM has my money and not likely to give it back, and maybe there is an outside chance that I can go. What if my new employer would say, wow Greg you are going to compete in the Iron Man, wow you can't pass that up. Just maybe the stars will Aline and allow me to go. (I know dream on). So what to do? Keep on running. I would hate to show up under prepared.

I guess the best approach is to enjoy what you are doing today. The race only lasts one day. Enjoy all the days that brought you there, and enjoy all the things that you take away from Iron Man. I'll be thinking about you June 22ND.

On the lighter side. The weather has been warmer. I finely got to run in shorts and tee for the first time in months. Why do I have to learn things the hard way?

Nipple Protection!

The question is? Why do my lil nipples seem to always take a beating when I wear just a tee shirt. It seems the ladies never have this problem. What is it? Are they made of Kevlar, and cast iron? Do men genetically have sensitive nipples?

I've had people say......Well Yeti why don't you just Duck Tape em. Well that poses another problem. Who's going to remove the tape when I'm done running? Not me. And I refuse to look like Steve Carell on the Forty Year Old Virgin. Bag-Balm doesn't cut it.

Maybe I'll just remove them. I don't use them. What good are they? Will HMO cover that? Maybe Snap-On will invent some removable Nipples.

Well that's all for now folks. Happy Training.