Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back From the PsychoWyco

Let me just start off by saying, have you ever had to ask yourself, why do you enjoy this sport? Let me skip forward for a moment to say, I just got back from the Psycho Wyco 50K trail run this week and absolutly had a blast. Probobly the funnest race I've been in. But on paper it looked like the worst. I was in the back of the pack and my time was 9:20 on a 50k trail run. When I got home, the question was asked, how did you do? After telling my story the, responses was.....Why did you go? Did you even go? What's the point if you arn't number one? and so on. So I caught myself dwelling on the question. Greg why do you do this? You know maybe they are right? I can remember back when I first started running the answer was simple. I wanted to look good naked! Not like a toad. Then you decide maybe I'll enter a race,then a few years later we try differant types of races, or we become more competitive. All of us have an different agenda and I almost forgot my reasons for a second. HAVE FUN. It's simple, but meaningfull to me. Have fun and enjoy this as long as the good Lord let's me. And when it's no longer fun, well do something else.

So let me tell you about the fun in KC. Aneta, Bob Murphy and myself roll into KC about 6pm on Friday. Went to Garry Gribbles running sports for packet pick up. Probobly one of the nicest running stores I've seen. We checked into the hotel then went to the Outback for some shrimp off the Barbie, then got a good night of sleep.

8:00am the following day the race starts with 900+ runners. The temperature was 25 and the ground was frozen and snow covered. The course is a 10 mile looped course, each loop had 5 stream crossings and 1800 foot acent/decent so dry warm feet and running on flat ground is not an option.

The temperature warmed up quickly to 35 by 9:30 and 40 by noon so with the snow melt plus 900 runners equealed a nasty messy crazy-ass run. The mud was anckle deep at times.

The first two laps were runable, but the last lap was reduced to a walk. Let's just say the mud was deep, the hills were steep and Greg's legs were cramping. Maybe that's why it was so much fun...It was a challenge. (5400ft total Acent 15 stream crossings)

Again, this is one of Bad Ben's races and he does a fantastic job. Plenty of aid. Hot food and drink. For Forty bones (entry) I got a cool shirt, event mug and bling. Ben puts on a great race, one you will likely never forget.

In short, we had a fantastic weekend. It's nice to go into the next season with a good base and look at what I need to work on with Coeur d'Alene only, 4 months way. One thing is for sure, my goals and agenda have not changed for 2008. HAVE FUN! My goal for Iron Man is to have an enjoyable Iron Man experiance and getting to know all of the Iron Man peeps.

Happy training kids.

Question: Every time I get out out of the pool my sinuses are so plugged up, and it's miserable. Does anyone have a good remedy for that?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I'll be the first to admit I'm terrible about keeping an updated blog so here is the Cliff Note version.

Three weeks ago was the first opportunity to take a four day week-end off. So what's a fella going to do? Go hunting. I traveled out to North Platte Ne, to go preditor hunting.

We called dogs for three days and had high winds and bad weather to limit our success, but the last day we were able to call in five coyote's and pulled off one good shot.

I even tried to get the Tri-Dummy to go one day but we weren't able to pull off a hunt. Dummy, we'll hook up next time.

Saturday I'm heading down to Kansas City KS for my first Ultra of the year. The 50k Psyco Wyco ultra. This is one of Bad Bens yearly races, and I'm really looking forward hitting the trails again. I'll give a full race report next week.