Saturday, February 28, 2009

Phyco Wyco 2009

February 14th Valentines Day was my third running of Kansas Cities Phyco Wyco. Who would of ever thought Bad Ben would have arranged good weather and decent trail conditions. We were not prepared for that. He always has something up his sleeve. Last winter is was ankle deep, shoe sucking mud. Last July was crazy heat. Don't get me wrong, the mud showed up, but not until the end of the day. Over-all I was happy with an 8hour 9 minute finish. I was still at the back of the pack, but this was a personal PR for me. AND we had a blast.

Always a half dozen stream crossing adds to the fun. At the end of the day the trail leading out of the stream was mucky ol' mud.

Bob was kind enough to slow his day down to help me stay motivated. I think he would of had a healthy PR had he chose to run his own race. He was looking strong.

Rob and KT ran the Dawgs.
KT ran the 10mile option. Rob ran the 20miler with OLY. His last 10 mile lap was impressive running it in a hour twenty-ish.

Oly the super stud with his first finisher metal.
What's two weeks I'm running a 50 miler on the Heartland 100 course on March 14th. Then two weeks after that (Easter weekend). I'm taking my second stab at the McNaughton Park 100miler.

Another Word for Winter is (NEVERENDING)

Just when we got used to temperatures in the sixties, mother nature slaps us with another winter storm. This is not quite what I had in mind for weather this week. I just signed up for a fifty miler in two weeks and really need some trail time.

I was lucky enough to have some help scooping snow today. While the Blink clan is basking in the Florida sun with the Bigun family, I get to take care of his meathead dawg and scoop snow. It just doesn't seem right. Have fun and we'll see you in a few.

Monday, February 9, 2009

They Will Let Anyone In a Race Oh Shit!

Oh Crap now what does this say about me. Here I thought I might be part of an elite group. You know the best of the best, and now look Rod Blagojevich is running Marathon's. Well just shake it off and be happy the blond with the speedo AND Blagojevich will never show up at the same race that I am.
Well now we are on the subject I'm about to kick off the season with my first Ultra. Next Saturday, I'm heading down to run in 2009 Phyco Wyco Ultra Marathon. It's a 50K with over 12,000 ft of climb. It's muddy! It's cold! And the RD Bad Ben always says he doesn't allow any Whiners so I better shut up. It's going to be fun.