Thursday, September 27, 2007

Can anyone tell me where the year went?

OK so I start the year off running some routes through a local neighborhood where there aren't many houses. Just a newly developed streets with new lots for future homes. One day someone started digging a basement and everyday you could see major progress on the construction of the house. It was fun to run by everyday to see what was done to this house.

Well now the house is built with a family settled in and they have neighbors. And I mean a lot of neighbors. In one summer my peaceful quiet running ground has turned into a full blown neighborhood. There are at least a dozen new houses and more are being built. So I have to ask this question. Were in the hell has the time gone? My quiet peaceful running sanctuary has turned from wide open spaces, to closed in neighborhoods with "blue haired old ladies and old dudes with orthopedic socks, and white assed legs bent over in their flowers beds showing the world wwwwaaay toooooo much.

So I sit here and I says to myself......"self" has time passed me by or was this a fast year? I started this year with one goal and that goal was to complete my first 100 mile ultra marathon. Well the end result of that was a big "DNF" So how do I fix that? What do I do next year to make sure that doesn't happen again? Do I consult a coach? Do I read some motivational books or DVD's?Iin some of my past jobs my bosses have hung motivational posters to boost moral and productivity. That was their solution for motivation. So what the Hell! Let's get a poster. But the question is........which one?

Will it be Ingenuity?







Stupidity? I know too many who have already claimed this one.

Carpet Muncher?

Dumb...Word to live by.


Or just having to deal with Retards?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Bohemian Alps Ultra Weekend

Well this won't be an official race report. That's Blinks job.

Saturday I had an opportunity to go watch Blink run in the Bohemian Alps 50k Ultra Marathon. It was cool to watch an Ultra from a different prospective. Most Ultras are not crew/spectator friendly courses, but this race is ran on 90% gravel roads. So if a spectator chooses to drive the course and work as a Mobile crew, you can see the entire race.

This of course was the start of the race. There was 29 athletes.

We caught up with Blink at mile 5/6 and thought maybe he went out too fast. But after watching him for a few miles we realized he was just running his pace as planned.

He settled into a pace early in the day......and kept that pace. The other top five runners were all over the board. I guess the lesson learned here was. Pick a pace and stick with it.

This is Loma Nebraska. It had one bar, one church, 4 houses and 13 dogs.

Mile 28 to 30 took you through an area called Timber ridge. It's single track, trail running with lots of hills, and valleys. It's the most challenging portion of the race course.

Brainard Nebraska High Cross Country won State Track last year. This is where they train. I can see why they took state.

Well we've said once... and I'll say it again. Blink and I do things a little different from most endurance athletes.

Put a cooler of beer and a can of chew at the finish line. That seems to be the only motivation needed to get us to the end.

Blink finished this race at forth overall, but first to the cooler.
Blink you did a great job and ran a strong race. Congratulations on a nice finish.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's the next best thing to running...."Crewing"

The question is......What's the next best thing to running......The answer is..."crewing". I'm really looking forward to this weekend. My buddy Rob is running in the Bohemian Alps Ultra next Saturday. This is a 50k on rolling hills and gravel roads. The last 10 miles of this race is a combination of off-road trails and aggressive hills. I think that's what's makes this a crazy race, when you think the race is almost over. Then they throw in this section of the race and it can be an demoralizing experience. It's tough. All's you want to do is get home, and you find yourself jumping roots and running across ed cornrows. Ouch!

I have high hopes for Blink this week. He has been low-keyed about how he will do this week. I already know he'll do well. So I'm calling him out on this race. He will finish in the top 20. OK well there usually isn't more than 20 people that compete in this race. I think he will be in the top three.

This is a photo of Blinks crew two years ago. He is lucky enough to have Mrs. Blink and the two squirrel girls again this year. I'll be hitching a ride with them this year.

Blink I only ask one favor.......Please don't put any Doctor Seuss books in the van. If you do I'll give-em a Redbull before I send em home with you.

Good luck this week Brutha!

After the race the race we will be smoking some ribs and watching some Nebraska Football.

I already know where we'll be shopping.

You know you can't beat "Dicks Meat"

Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh yes Monday night football is here. And guess what this Monday is? Double hitter. Bangles and Ravens, on the first game and 49rs and Cardnels on the late game. How lucky are we.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's been a while since I've sat down at the computer to write . We got back from South Dakota last week and jumped right back into our normal life. Work has been crazy lately, it seems all we have time for is eating and sleeping.

The South Dakota trip was fun. It will be one I'll never forget. The weather was great. No major problems to speak of other than one small speeding ticket (oops!). It was a great trip. The Leanhorse was a main reason for going and that was a great experience. I'll skip forward to the end result of the race first. I was unable to finish the race.

Yep. I got the Big DNF, but what I took away from the race was a monstrous learning experience. It's common to not finish your first attempt at a 100 mile ultra. No one likes to enter a race with the attitude you may not finish, but sometimes you have to keep in mind that no matter how much you train, plan and prepair, the best way to be successful in a race like this is to try it. Experience the race and come back next year with what you learned and use the that to your advantage in the future.

The three major things I learned: #1 Run smart. I didn't stick to what I know about how I personally run. I started off too fast for my own running ability. I got caught up in watching how fast everyone else was doing. I was being past up by dozens of people early in the race and thought I should keep up with the pack. I know better than that and the end result was, it hurt me. I know I have a tendency to have weak ankles. Within the first five miles of the race, the course took us onto a rocky off-road trail. I wasn't watching my footing and folded my ankle on a rock. (end-O'd) It didn't hurt at first but after 30 miles it did.

#2 Eat and drink right. I thought it would be a good idea to travel light at first so I didn't have a water bottle to sip on for the first 15 miles. When I past aid stations I caught myself chugging water and sports drinks. My stomach didn't like that and eventually it started reject anything I put in it.

#3 Train harder. I needed more road-time in. Perhaps a few early season races. Most of the people running the race, just came from other Ultra's the week prior. I met many people who ran the Leadville 100 mile Ultra week prior. Most people use shorter Ultra's and marathons as training runs. Lastly, this year I hung up my bike and swim goggles to run 100% of the time. For me.....I needed more pool time and cross training.

In short......I had a blast. The race was well run and

I got to puke on one of the most beautifully parts of the Black Hills. Unlike an old dog, I did learn some new tricks and looking forward to future Ultra's. Now this is behind me. I can start looking forward to Coeur D'alene Iron Man.

This is pre-race early morning stretch.

On the starting line. Dark and damp morning.

Jerry Dunn (RD) was giving the last minute briefing.

This was the official sounding of the gun. The start of the race. I joked with other racers and said this was as close as I will be to being at the front of the pack. Little did I know how short that lasted.

More of the start.

The race director bragged about how this race is one of the flattest Ultra courses around. Let me ask you this? ........Does these hills look flat to you? They kick my ass.

This is early in the day.

I'm hurtin. This is just outside of Pringle SD.

Some of the views of South Dakota.

This is my crew chief. Let me tell you about crew chiefs. They will drive all day then wait on you. Then they drive some more and wait. They put up with your cranky ass attitude. They truly see you at your worst and still give you whatever you need to help make you comfortable. They should give trophies to crew chiefs because they do have the toughest job on earth.
I think anyone who participates in endurance sports eventually puts their family and friends on the back-burner. We are somewhat selfish in completing our goals. We don't deserve a crew or support, but let's thank God for those people who are there to help us. It wouldn't be possible with out them.

After the race we had a few days to enjoy the South Dakota scenery.

I wanted to eat that duck.

One thing about South Dakota. We got to see Deer, Mountain goats, Elk and Bison.

Here's a quiz for you........See the tail on the back Buffalo? What is he doing?