Thursday, November 29, 2007


It seems I've been away from Blog world for some time now. About three weeks ago my computer got sick. It caught nasty little virus called the "Black Door Virus" No I didn't say, back door. Anyway it took some time to work through the problem and some serious help from a friend that knows a hell of a lot more about computers than I do.

On the up-side of not having a computer, I had a lot of time to other things like blog.

#1. I've been able to visit my new favorite trail system. Fontinell Forest. I worked in a weekly 18 mile training run and a hand full of shorter 10 mile runs.

#2. I got re-acquainted with the pool. I can't say I'm swimming well, but you have to start somewhere. Aneta and I both joined LifeTime Fitness health cub. It's such a nice place. I've been going to the pool a few times a week and Aneta has been a little work-out animal and going to aerobic kick-boxing and strength training classes four times a week.
#3. I had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I'm in the retail business so my workload has been outrageous with Black-Friday weekend. So it was nice to get a day off from work.
#4. I got to go hunting with my Lil-buddy Rob the first part of November. We haven't had a trip like that for more than a decade and it was nice. We had a successful hunt and we got to act like boys for a weekend. Great trip.

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and starting to think ahead to next season. Iron Man is just around the corner. Happy Holidays everyone.

This is one of my favorite sections of trail along Missouri River at Fontenell Forest.

Our hunting adventure in McCook Nebraska. We got four deer. This is my deer. I got the small one this year. But my freezer is full.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

One Sexy Gun

I would like everyone to meet the newest addition to our family. This is Eleanor and she is one Sexy Bitch!. Eleanor is a 22-250. Free floating sniper grade barrel. One pound hair trigger. And a 6.5x20x50 scope. Oh yes just the way I like'em.....Thick and black. Sir-mix-alot would be jealous, Because this baby got back.

Well this weekend should prove to be fun. Blink and I will be venturing out to western Nebraska to my family farm for some White Tail hunting. This farm is a fruit and produce farm so it offers a lot of tasty snacks for the deer. I've seen my share of wall-hangers out there. We'll probably have to do a little Pheasant hunting too. Wish us luck and we'll see you in week.